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I advance to the attack, and I mount to the assault

separate my arms from the blue immensity

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雛森 桃 ♥ ( H i n a m o r i M o m o )
3 June
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these faded memories...
Name: Hinamori Momo
Fandom: Bleach
Age: Around 100
Zanpakutou: Tobiume
Species: shinigami

I walk the path that I yearned for
I made it this far by competing and being supported by my friends
I will not give this position to anyone
I will keep running!
I will look straight forward!

She, is just like how she looks, Shy, quiet, and kind. She will do anything for her friends, even if it meant getting herself hurt in the process. With saying that, she is a strong soul reaper, being in the Gotai 13, and vice-captain.

( This is an RP journal, not a personal one. Played sometimes at dear_mun/bleach_dressing. Timelines are different. )

Social capital

  • less than 10